The Top Five Things You Didn’t Know About Electric Vehicles

June 9, 2016 •

The Top Five Things You Didn't Know About Electric VehiclesThink you know everything about next-gen vehicles? Think again. The average American’s daily commute is under 30 miles, and the average American’s knowledge of electric cars is far from sufficient. It’s alright, electric cars are still taking off. Sure, they might have sparked a buzz, but they’re still elusive in terms of layman’s knowledge. Understandably, you might be considering an all-electric or hybrid purchase. If you are, you might want to brush up on a few supporting details. We’ve put together a list of the top five lesser-known facts about electric vehicles.

1. Batteries are Getting Less Expensive

As electronic cars develop, electric car batteries drop in price. That said, an electric car battery is still wildly expensive. Today, an electric vehicle battery costs, on average, $10,000. The price is a far cry from the $33,000 100-mile range electric batteries of 2009, however. As it stands, an electric car’s battery is its most expensive component. You’d be right in prioritizing your new vehicle’s battery. Before you purchase, provide the finances for a fix—even a replacement.

2. Electric Cars Will Double as Generators

It was a likely outcome. The days of house-rumbling, gas-guzzling generators are going to become as obsolete as fuel-dominated interstate roads. In the near future, electric car companies will create hybrids and all-electric models capable of running external electronics. A number of car companies are already outfitting new EV models with power outlets—redefining the way residents stay strong during power outages.

3. Electric Cars Already Dominate Part of the Market

Too many consider electric cars to be future inventions. For this reason, would-be electric car purchasers wait, succumb to the market and dish out unnecessary expenses. In 2014, the world’s roads experienced nearly 400,000 electric cars. This number doubled 2013’s amount, and the rate is only growing. Experts believe 2016 will host over one million all-electric vehicles.

4. Electric Cars Require Little Maintenance

While a new electric car battery will cost you, all-electric vehicles, in general, require little maintenance. Today’s consumers are saving big bucks by switching to electric, and they’re taking advantage of the surprisingly quick pick-up speed of electric vehicles to spare expenses associated with stop-to-go gas transportation.

5. You Can Charge an Electric Car Overnight

No, you don’t need to go to an “electric station” to power your vehicle. A lot of electric vehicle owners charge their big devices overnight, when electricity costs are low. That said, the country currently has over 5,000 charging stations. While electric car owners do use these stations, home charging, frequently, saves a lot of time.

Do you have an electric vehicle or are you considering buying one in the near future? Are there any facts we are missing? Let us know!