The Most Popular ProClip iPhone 5 Holders

April 2, 2013 •

Have you mounted your iPhone 5 yet?

Since the latest iPhone was launched last October, we have released a ton of different styles for iPhone 5 holders.

iPhone 5 Holders
You have holder choices from tilt swivel to cable attachment and from padded precise fit holders to adjustable holders for iPhones with cases. We also have two different designs of adjustable holders for iPhone 5, one that adjusts width-wise, and the other that adjusts height-wise. Both are designed to accommodate different style cases, whether that is super thin skins, small to medium cases or large and rugged cases.

Apple’s Lightning Cable
As we all know now, Apple released a new Lightning Cable for the iPhone 5 that has caused more than a few headaches. After doing some testing, we discovered the casing size differs by cable type. For any ProClip cable attachment holder, the cable needs to fit precisely into the holder, meaning each cable attachment holder we released had to come in two types: one for the Apple Lightning to USB cable and one for the Apple Lightning to 30-pin cable.

Sounds like a lot of holders, right? So how do you make your decision? Well, here are our two most popular iPhone 5 holders.

Adjustable iPhone 5 Holder for Small to Medium Cases
iPhone 5 Adjustable HolderThis adjustable holder works with most small to medium sized iPhone 5 cases. The holder custom adjusts to the phone so you get the best fit. This is not a spring loaded holder. You only need one initial adjustment to fit your case. If you later update to a new case, you can then re-adjust the holder to fit. This holder tilts and swivels so you can place it exactly where you want it in your car. It keeps your iPhone 5 secure, even when rotating between portrait and landscape views.

Check out this adjustable iPhone 5 holder on our website.

Adjustable iPhone 5 Cable Attachment Holder for Small to Medium Cases
iPhone 5 Adjustable Holder with Cable AttachmentThis adjustable holder also works with most small to medium sized cases for iPhone 5. The only difference is this holder comes with cable attachment. That means you can attach your Original Lightning USB Cable that came with the purchase of the phone and use it to charge your iPhone while it is mounted in your car. This holder still allows for tilting, swiveling, angling and rotating so you can customize your setup.

You can also check out this adjustable iPhone 5 holder with cable attachment on our website.

Why Are These Holders Popular?
Out of all of our holders for iPhone 5, we suspect these two are the most popular because of the range of cases they are compatible with. The market is saturated with iPhone 5 cases. There are so many options, but the most common type of case would probably be considered small to medium sized. These cases are compact yet still provide a good amount of protection for the aluminum exterior of the iPhone 5.

What case do you use for your iPhone?