The Five Best Car Mods

February 15, 2017 •

The Five Best Car Mods
If you’ve thought about cranking your car’s performance, you’ve come to the right place. Usually, drivers mod their vehicle to boost its power. That said, there’s much more under the hood. You have a lot to play with, and any car enthusiast will tell you how important your car’s stability, handling and stopping distance are. Check out the five best car mods below, and amp up your ride to its fullest potential.

Mod One: A New Exhaust Manifold

By bringing more air into your engine, you can boost its performance. That said, you might be neglecting its exhaust. By installing new headers—and an easy-flow exhaust system—you can reduce the stress of exiting gasses.

By installing a new exhaust manifold, you can ensure smooth, equal-length pipe sections. These sections will minimize bends, boosting performance.

Mod Two: Disc Brakes

Your ride will only go as fast as its brakes will allow. Sure, you can settle for standard drum breaks. You can also install disc brakes on the front end. By doing so, you’ll maximize your vehicle’s “safe following distance” by approximately one second per 10 mph. With drum brakes, you’re going to need several seconds if you’re traveling at 60 mph. Check out for more safety-related mods.

Mod Three: Polyurethane Bushings

Install some polyurethane bushings. While this mod is better for old cars, it’s entirely useful for new cars with old, worn rubber bushings. By installing polyurethane bushings, your car will be more agile, feel tighter and react quicker. If your old bushings are worn out, melted or otherwise stuck, you can remove them with a butane torch. Just make sure you have plenty of breathing room, first.

Mod Four: A Bigger Exhaust

You should replace your car’s factory exhaust, too. No, it isn’t about how big the exhaust is. It isn’t even about how much noise it makes. It’s about airflow. Put a little research into your car’s exhaust, and get a bigger one. It might not sound the best, but the airflow benefits are worth it.

Mod Five: Adjust Your Throttle

Your car’s throttle response is important, too. It determines how quick your car’s engine can reciprocate after the accelerator is pressed. If you have a newer car, you’ll need to perform a simple accelerator relearn procedure. Normally, you’ll only need to disconnect the battery for 15 minutes. Check out this video to learn about the different throttle mapping and idle relearn procedures.

Once you’ve done the basics, you’re set. If you want to tune-up your car in other ways, you can. Just be careful. Make sure you prioritize your airflow, first.