Galaxy S7 Active Specs and Car Mount Phone Holders


August 3, 2016 •

The votes are in, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is a winner! Whether the S7 Active receives the gold or silver metal is still up for debate, but one thing there is consensus on is that the S7 Active is rugged, durable and built to last. Review the S7 Active’s specs, features and our custom car mount phone holders to go with it.   Read More ››

5 ProClip Products to Use on Your Summer Road Trip

5 ProClip Products to take on a summer road trip

July 7, 2016 •

The summer road trip is a classic American tradition. It’s a great way to spend a vacation and pack in tons of fun activities. We know in order to get the most out of your road trip you need to prepared. And that’s why we’ve put together a list of our top products you can use to get the most out of your summer road trip.   Read More ››

LG G5 Specs, Friends and Car Mount Phone Holders


May 24, 2016 •

The LG G5 is not the LG smartphone you’re used to. Instead, the new G5 offers users the experience to “play more.” Sold separately are the LG G5 “Friends,” additional gadgets designed with the G5’s unique modular design in mind. While LG may not be known for its innovation traditionally, enthusiasts are taking note of these thoughtful design features.   Read More ››

Chevy Suburban Dashboard Phone Mounts and Holders

Chevy Suburban Dashboard Phone Mounts and Holders

April 12, 2016 •

The Chevrolet Suburban is a powerful SUV that combines the performance and technology with a sophisticated design to provide the driver and passengers with a comfortable ride. We offer a large variety of custom dashboard phone mounts that were designed from the Chevy Suburban. Check out what we have to offer!   Read More ››

Nokia 225 Review and Car Mount Phone Holders


February 1, 2016 •

Sometimes simple is best. The Nokia 225 phone will not wow you with the greatest and most advanced features in mobile technology or design. However, it will provide consistent functionality at a reasonable price. Check out our review and our custom Nokia 225 phone holders and mounts.   Read More ››