[Video] ProClip USA Promotes Safe Driving

June 10, 2016 •

Why does ProClip promote safe driving? Distracted driving is very dangerous: It causes 1.6 million accidents per year, 33,000 injuries per year and 11 teen deaths every day. Meet Robert from ProClip. In the following PSA, Robert demonstrates how mobile technology can be distracting when operating a motor vehicle.   Read More ››

4 Ways to Prevent Distracted Driving


May 16, 2016 •

Driver safety is more important than ever. Vehicle technology has made our lives more convenient, but it can also lead to distracted driving. Here are four ways to stay safe on the road while still enjoying the convenience of technology.   Read More ››

Distracted Driving: Top 4 Phone Placement Fails

Distracted Driving: Phone placement failures

April 15, 2016 •

Distracted driving increases the chances of you getting into an accident, which can result in you injuring yourself, or worse, injuring someone else. Are you not convinced that your phone habits make you a distracted driver? We’ve outlined the top four phone placement fails in a car and products you can use to avoid them.   Read More ››