Apple Watch’s Standard Apps

March 23, 2015 •

Of course Apple Watch keeps time, but the other extended features make it a smart watch. It is the extra apps that will make or break the purchase of this generation one device. Here’s what to expect when you open the box.   Read More ››

Apple Watch: Last Minute Rumors

March 7, 2015 •

On Monday, March 9, Apple will finally announce final details about its new flagship device, Apple Watch. Industry blogs rumored the much anticipated device for the past several years, but it only became public knowledge fall 2014. In the interim, the device details were discussed, sometimes by Apple, but mostly remain a mystery. New technologies […]   Read More ››

Apple Sends March 9 Apple Watch Media Event Invitations

February 27, 2015 •

Early Thursday morning, February 26, Apple sent selected media outlets an invitation to a March 9 event. The event will be held in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, a common location for Apple’s large scale announcements. With the simple tagline “Spring Forward” and close proximity to April, Apple is most certainly going […]   Read More ››

Apple Watch Battery Life Drains Expectations


January 26, 2015 •

On Thursday, January 22, 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, released interesting information from sources indicating the Apple Watch battery may not even last a day. Mark Gurman also provided the full Apple Watch companion app breakdown from our previous article. While Apple Watch functionality is much more clear, operability remains to be seen. Specifically, how long will Apple Watch operate without a charge.   Read More ››