Subaru’s 50th Anniversary Editions

March 14, 2018 •


Image via AutoGuide

Subaru is celebrating its 50th year in the industry with a redefined product line, revamping every model for 2018. Dubbed the 50th Anniversary Edition Subaru line, the vehicles are signified by their Heritage Blue exterior color, badging and all-new alloy wheels.

Subaru: 50th Anniversary

Satin Chrome Exteriors and Loads of Options

Each 50th Anniversary Edition Subaru has been outfitted with a chrome exterior trim. Aside from the WRX, the BRZ and the STI, each features chrome mirrors. We’re seeing a good bit of black upholstery, too, which contrasts the line’s silver stitching.

Each vehicle arrives with plenty of amenities, too, including Subaru’s own EyeSight Driver Assist Technology. Make no mistake: The lineup is no small collection. It’s a 1,050-vehicle spread, spanning across the Forester, the Crosstrek, the Legacy, the Impreza and the Outback. Reportedly, the lineup will eventually reach 2,100 cars, commemorating the Japanese maker’s 1968 arrival in America.

Stateside Cars and Popular Options

Subaru has come a long way. Its first stateside car was the Subaru 360—which was a tiny vehicle well-known for its popularity in Japan. Now, the automaker is revered for its WRX, STI and BRZ models. Each special Subaru is, of course, a limited production vehicle. For this reason, included models will offer more than one engine installation option. There will be fewer high-horsepower versions, making them incredibly popular among collectors and Subaru enthusiasts alike.

The new line debuted at the Chicago Auto Show, giving Subaru the opportunity to answer pricing inquiries about its stateside cars. Most of the line’s sedans are priced around $29,700, but some options—like the limited-edition WRX—arrive at around $36,355. While all limited edition models are on sale nationwide, buyers should take up the latest options with care: Supplies may not last.

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