Select ProClip Products Now on Amazon

November 29, 2013 •

We recently added a select group of our car phone mounting kits for sale on Amazon!

We currently have four products added to Amazon with plans to add several more in the coming weeks and will continue to add more products over the next few months.

Products Available on Amazon
From Amazon, you can purchase our two-part Suction Cup Mounting Kits. These kits include a suction cup mounting base that can be attached to a windshield, dashboard or vehicle console. The other piece of the Kit is a phone-specific holder.

Holders can be purchased in either charging or non-charging versions. These are the same device-specific holders we offer for sale separately on our website. All feature 360 degree rotation so they can be used in both portrait and landscape.

Phone Kits on Amazon Now
The Suction Cup Mounting Kits that are now available on Amazon are for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (charging and non-charging) and for the BlackBerry Q10 (charging and non-charging). BlackBerry Suction Cup Kits are approved accessories in the Built for BlackBerry™ program.

Some of the next Suction Cup Kits to be added will be for iPhone. In the future, we also plan to offer handlebar mount kits for bicycles and motorcycles.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Suction Cup Mount KitBlackBerry Z10 Suction Cup Mount Kit