Samsung Galaxy S4 Car Phone Holders

May 16, 2013 •

Samsung Galaxy S4One of the best Android phones ever has been released on a variety of U.S. carriers.

Although the Galaxy S4 will be available on seven mobile networks in the U.S., so far it is only available from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular.

Verizon, Cricket and C-Spire are the other three networks that have yet to release their versions of the Galaxy S4. Verizon has confirmed they will release the Galaxy S4 on May 30 in stores. It is available for pre-order right now.

Whether you’ve already received your new S4 or are waiting for it to become available on your network, you can order a new Samsung Galaxy S4 car phone holder now!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone HolderSamsung Galaxy S4 Phone Holders
We have five holders for the S4. The standard tilt swivel and adjustable holders are both available now.

Our three charging holders are available for pre-order and should be in-stock at the end of this week.

Charging S4 holders come in the following options:

  • Cigarette lighter plug
  • Hard wire installation
  • USB cigarette lighter plug

Galaxy S4 Holder with Cig PlugGalaxy S4 Holder for Hard Wire Install Galaxy S4 Holder with USB Cig Plug