The Upcoming Safety Features Which Will Reshape the Auto Industry

June 16, 2017 •


Modern automobiles come with a variety of features. We feel auto safety doesn’t get enough attention, however, so we’re brushing past the gimmicks to display today’s leading options. Whether it’s an upcoming addition or a modern-day inclusion, the following safety features are rewiring the dash—making day-to-day travel safer and cooler.

Lane Keeping Assist

Lane keeping assist is already here, but it’s being amplified to protect future cars. When activated, a lane keeping assist system keeps the car from wandering into another lane. It’s a camera-based system and detects the road’s lane markers to ensure centered travel. If the camera notices drift, it’ll gently guide the vehicle back into its proper position.

Bentley’s Dual-Screen System

This upcoming feature will be implemented in the 2017 Bentayga, featuring double Android tablets. By implementing a built-in game apps system, entertainment features, audio speakers and other luxurious items, Bentley’s dual-screen system is expected to make a splash in the safety market. We’re already hearing whispers of safety add-ons, which will make the system work overtime to keep drivers safe.

Ford’s Predictive Forward Collision Warning

Ford’s addition to modern safety tech exists in last year’s Nissan. The ride’s Forward Collision Warning system, however, is going to roll out on other midsize sedans. It monitors a vehicle’s proximity to other vehicles, measuring it against speed, and gently navigates the vehicle away from impending danger. It features an auto-braking system too, expanding the possibilities even further.

The Heads-Up Display

Looking like something out of a video game, today’s leading heads-up displays exist in models like Audi’s 2017 Q7. It puts basic navigation information right on the windshield, removing the driver’s need to take their eyes off the road. If you’re one to constantly glance at your iPhone, fear not. Upcoming heads-up displays will likely feature smartphone integration—keeping your eyes where they should be.

While gadgets offer awesome safety capabilities, it’s important to remember why we’re moving into a tech-first driving experience. Manufacturers are trying to get drivers away from their devices, integrating digital experiences into the ride itself. As you’re browsing vehicles with new tech, make sure they have smartphone accessibility. The more you’re watching the road, the better. As for driving assistance options, check out today’s leading options. Likely, we’ll see a slew of new automatic driving gadgets roll out in 2018. For now, however, we think the ones listed above are solid.