Rumored iPhone 6 Rear Shell Exposed

June 11, 2014 •


In late May, an alleged iPhone 6 back cover was released. To corroborate the earlier supply chain leak, four different images emerge with almost identical markings. The included images, leaked by, confirm several key differences in the new form factor. Most notably, the volume buttons are designed to resemble the iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPhone 5c layout. They are elongated and oval instead of a simple circle, which was consistent for several iPhone generations.

Additionally, the leaked device’s right side hosts a cutout for the relocated power button, also confirming earlier rumors. Relocating the power button is to enhance ease-of-use on the larger device. Preventing the user from awkwardly trying to depress the sleep/wake button, a side mounted option appears to be the natural solution. The location is also a commonality with other manufactures’ devices of similar size.

The back also continues to lead to a discussion about the camera flash. The larger cut out is for the actual camera, which will, assumedly, be an upgraded version. Smallest and between the other two, is the rear facing microphone for video capture. To the far right, the rounded mid-size hole is for the camera flash. iPhone 5s utilized a multi-bulb pill shaped opening.


Some reports point to the cutout Apple logo, which is not typical of previous iPhone generations. Several rumors argue, the opening may be used for a glowing Apple logo, akin to a MacBook. The glowing logo could be activated while in-call or in conjunction with notifications. On the black market, several “retailers” sold iPhone 4 back plate modifications that provided hackers with the ability to install a glowing logo, but through a few shady and warranty-voiding tricks. That is to say, there is a desire to have the logo glow, but it is doubtful this is an Apple preference.

Several iPad generations used a separate Apple logo cutout on the back, but covered it with a passive material. With an all metal design, iPad needs a location for radio signals to make necessary connections. The radios were hidden behind the passive material, allowing proper reception. It is most likely, this is the reason for the cutout design, considering there is no longer a glass back panel.

As the fall season draws near, dates are becoming more concrete for launch. A mid-September timeline is being narrowed because of vacation blackouts for Apple employees. As such, an announcement would be expected in either late August or early September. It is still widely believed the iPhone 4.7″ model will be released first, with a 5.5″ version following, even as late as December.

[source: MacRumors]