How To Remotely Manage Warehouse Efficiency

July 24, 2018 •

Warehouse Efficiency

How To Remotely Manage Warehouse Efficiency

Serving as the hub for product fulfillment, the warehouse is the backbone to any business. Every business decision can affect the warehouse in multiple ways. Increase your marketing budget? Surpass Q3 sales? Warm-lead finally place an order? All of these can affect warehouse efficiency. It pays to have processes and procedures in place so that remote management can be practical and effective.

Technology plays an important role in both day-to-day warehouse procedures and real-time reporting of relevant information. Every barcode scan, inventory adjustment and shipment can be efficiently managed with the right technology, here are some tips to help you make high-level decisions from a remote location.

Choose the Right Warehousing Technology

Several businesses have reported a 15% boost in warehouse productivity since deploying the Zebra Technologies TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer. Other leading Zebra devices for the warehouse include the TC25 and TC56/75. Zebra devices can instantly log, itemize and sort endless amounts of data. Choosing the correct scanner can simplify daily tasks by arming your warehouse personnel with the tools to increase accuracy and optimize overall performance.

Implement Material Handling Procedures

No matter how up-to-date your warehouse technology, human interaction will still exist to some degree. Implementing standards and procedures can simplify the workday, lead to less human error and can be easily trackable. The path to eliminating warehouse failure rate begins with adding technology. Since human warehouse interaction still exists, putting in place processes and procedures will tip the scale towards maximum efficiency.

Track and Analyze Warehouse Data

When building a smarter warehouse, the updated technology can track daily analytics. Use this aggregate data to make decisions based on analytical trends. Make a weekly habit of crunching the inventory numbers to spot data outliers. Don’t be afraid to log your data in excel and look for month after month trends when analyzing quarterly data. Cross-reference technology upgrades and new procedures to see if the data changes and make decisions accordingly.

Choose Mobile Device Mounts

The bigger the warehouse, the more technology is needed to fill it. The more technology you have, the more mounts you will need to keep them visible and within reach of your warehouse staff. Whenever you have a handheld computers and forklifts in the same area, the devices need to be securely mounted. Contact ProClip USA today via telephone 1-800-296-3212 or Email for more information about material handling mounting solutions for Zebra mobile devices.