Red iPhone 7 Launches with Updated iPad Pros

March 9, 2017 •


Japanese blog site Mac Otakara (via MacRumors) adds claims to upcoming iPad launches as well as a new red colorway for iPhone. During a predicted March Apple media keynote event, the site claims upgrades to each iPad device, starting with iPad mini. The smaller device may receive minor spec bumps to continue offering a lower price point, but the iPad Pro devices are anticipated to get the more superior attention, as well as a new 10.5″ size, with an iPad Air 2 footprint.

Mac Otakara believes new versions of the 7.9″, 9.7″, and 12.9″ models are due for shipment immediately after or shortly following the yet-announced Apple event. The completely new 10.5″ device, previously claimed 10.9″ device, is said to ship as late as May. Similar to the iPhone 8 rumors, this new screen size will be accommodated on the existing 9.7″ housing. By eliminating the hardware Home button, in favor of an embedded finger print sensor and virtual button location, the 10.5″ screen can fit on the 9.7″ form factor.

via Dan Provost

via Dan Provost

This claim corroborates an earlier rumor by often-accurate Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who also declared a possible 10.5″ iPad model. The new form factor would, assumedly, be extremely intriguing for new tablet owners and give reason for upgrades. It is widely known the tablet market is somewhat stagnant, particularly for Apple’s iPad sales. With sales holding or even slightly dipping year-over-year, armchair analysts can blame a rarely changing form factor or, simply, the longevity of such devices. An edge-to-edge design, with an upgraded chipset, new virtual button technology, and high density screen could spark new interest in the hardware.

Launching alongside the new iPad Pro models, could be a new iPhone 7 colorway and 128GB iPhone SE spec bump. Introducing a mid-cycle new color option with the iPhone line, would be a new move for Apple. It is possible this rumor is linked to prior assumptions that iPhone sales were down in Q1FY17 for Apple. However, during its earning calls, Apple reported selling approximately 78.3M iPhone 7 units in a three-month period.

With numbers that high, it would be surprising if Apple reached into a bag of tricks to ignite further iPhone sales for a very successful device. Why boost sales of a 6 month old device, with as many iPhone 8 rumors circulating.

More than likely, a red iPhone colorway would make its debut alongside the iPhone 8. Many rumors now claim the iPhone 8 will be the sole flagship handset this year, with iPhone 7 getting an ‘s’ style bump. Consequently, it is very likely Apple would offer a new, bold color choice to entice users to upgrade this fall, if there is not interest in the $1,000 iPhone 8.