Ramp Up Performance with Jeep Mopar Accessories

September 19, 2016 •

Ramp Up Performance with Jeep Mopar Accessories
Jeep Wrangler modification is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Finding affordable Jeep Wrangler upgrades, like the officially licensed Mopar accessories by ProClip, is now a reality. ProClip recently announced the debut of its extra strength mounts for the 2011-2017 Jeep Wrangler. These heavy duty mounts are specifically designed to provide maximum device protection for on and off-road Mopar enthusiasts.

ProClip Extra Strength Mounts for Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler - MOPARProClip offers a large selection of customized phone mounts that were designed to fit your Jeep’s dashboard perfectly, while also blending in and appearing as if it was actually part of the interior!

Check out what our customers have to say about our Jeep mounting solutions!

“I follow a lot of Jeep pages. I was looking for something that wouldn’t fall off or move around when I went off-roading, and it has been working great!” – Tim H. from Pennsylvania

“My friend and I have been looking for a good way to mount a phone in her jeep without obstructing the view out the windshield, this is the most promising mount I’ve found.” – Jason M. from North Carolina

I was searching the internet looking for solutions to my Jeep phone mount problems. I am a true believer now. I love the quality, fit and simplicity of design. I have told everyone I know that owns a Jeep. Customer for life, I am. – Daniel R. from New Hampshire

“I purchased one a few years ago and absolutely love it. My husband has a new jeep so I searched for you again. I wouldn’t buy from anyone else.” – Monica K. from Colorado

MOPAR approved Jeep Wrangler accessories Genuine ProClip accessories for all vehicles including the Jeep Wrangler are now available for value add-on purchase at Mopar dealerships nationwide. Customers looking to ramp up Mopar performance will enjoy the unique, affordable customization that ProClip offers. The ProClip performance parts, officially licensed by Mopar, were specifically designed, built and quality tested to provide best-in-class performance.

To learn more about Mopar accessories powered by ProClip, please visit www.proclipusa.com/mopar