Motorola Unveils Smartphones You Can Afford – ProClip Roundup Recap

February 8, 2019 •

ProClip Roundup: Season 5 Episode 2

Hi everybody! Welcome to another week of the ProClip Roundup. It’s our weekly news show that brings you the mobile and car tech news that is worth talking about. Let’s get to it!

Motorola Announces G7 Lineup

Motorola continues to prove that you can get a completely adequate phone for an affordable price. This week Motorola announced four new phones under the G7 line. Three of the phones will be available in the United States, all under $300. The three US phones will all use the Snapdragon 632 processor, which is perfectly fine. These phones won’t win any benchmark awards, but your bank account may thank you. You can get a full overview of the specs here.

AT&T’s “5G” Arrives on iPhones

In December, AT&T began pushing a “5GE” network in an attempt to get ahead of the game by making consumers think they’re using 5G when it’s not yet available. The “5G” is still only 4G with 56 QAM, but they still made it show up as “5GE” on Android phones, and now it will be showing up on iPhones, too.

T-Mobile Offers Free Taco Bell

T-Mobile announced a partnership with Taco Bell in a Super Bowl commercial. Customers of T-Mobile can receive one free taco from Taco Bell every Tuesday. T-Mobile previously had a partnership with Domino’s for a similar deal, but Domino’s eventually had to pull out of the deal due to the unexpected high demand. We can only hope Taco Bell has enough tacos for everyone.

Ford SuperDuty vs. Chevrolet HD Silverado

Both Ford and GM made news this week announcing their respective power editions of their trucks. General Motors announced the production of the Heavy-Duty Silverado will provide 1,000 jobs, which is good news considering they recently cut 15,000 jobs. The President of GM referred to the HD as a “refined tool” that is purpose built for the biggest jobs. Ford also announced their 2020 SuperDuty will have the most powerful gas V8 in any truck. The announcement came just hours before GM made their own announcement.

Apple May Reward Teen for Finding FaceTime Bug

A high-level Apple executive has reportedly met with Grant Thompson, the teen who first discovered the FaceTime bug in Apple’s iOS software. It is expected that Thompson may receive a reward for being the first to find the bug. Apple has a bug bounty program which is used to reward programmers who find weaknesses in Apple’s security. The program pays between $25,000 and $200,000 depending on the severity of the exploit.

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