Ford Goes Mach One with New Electric SUV – ProClip Roundup Recap

July 13, 2018 •

ProClip Roundup Recap: Season 2 Episode 4

Hey everybody! Welcome back to this week’s edition of the ProClip Roundup! It’s the weekly news show with the hottest stories in mobile and car tech. Here are the stories from this week that are hotter than the summer weather.

How Many Cameras Does Samsung Need?

Rumors swirling around the Galaxy S10+ indicate that the next iteration of the flagship from Samsung will feature five cameras. That’s right, five cameras. The report comes from Korean business-news site, The Bell. The rumor suggests dual front-facing cameras for Portrait Mode selfies, and a new ultra-wide rear lens. Up next, maybe we’ll see a smartphone with 20 cameras!

Amazon Looking to Crowdsource Deliveries

Amazon is looking to extend their network of logistics by adding a Delivery Service Partner program. For $10,000, you can buy in and own your own fleet and be paid by Amazon. For consumers, this could mean you’ll get your precious packages sooner. Same-day delivery could become the new normal.

Audi Ditches Side Mirrors

A new concept SUV from the German automaker has ditched the classic side-view mirrors. The electric crossover has 7-inch OLED monitors connected to cameras to show the driver what is around them. The view can be dragged, zoomed and left in operating modes, including highway, turning and parking.

Waze Wants to Improve Your City

The popular GPS app, Waze wants to partner with municipalities to improve traffic flow. They have partnered with an analytics platform, Esri, to relay data to municipal employees. The goal of the project is to help city officials streamline urban planning decisions by making them aware of traffic incidents, potholes, timing issues and more. Waze initially partnered with Raleigh, North Carolina in 2016 but has now opened up the program. City governments can sign up for the program for free.

Ford Goes Mach One

Ford is working on a new electric performance SUV inspired by the Mustang. The project has been codenamed Mach 1, and is rumored to feature a 300-mile driving range and is expected to roll off the assembly line in 2020. The announcement comes after Ford recently made the decision to axe popular cars including the Fusion and Taurus. This continues a dramatic shift for the automaker as they push to have 40 electric cars by the year 2022.

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