Popular “Things” App Goes Free for Limited Time

November 21, 2014 •

Things App SplashEvery week, Apple announces a specific App of the Week and it headlines on the App Store front page. There is a mix of apps highlighted by Apple on a weekly basis in the section, but not many draw quite the attention of this week’s selection. In standard fashion, Apple updated the App Store on Thursday and tech blogs were stumbling over themselves to highlight this selection.

There are two reasons why the choice this particular week is drawing extra focus. First, this to-do get-things-done (GTD) app is one of the most popular among its category. Second, the app, which is natively designed for each iPad and iPhone, is now free for a week on both platforms. If you are unaware, the iPhone version retails for $10 and iPad for $20. If you are looking to stock up on $30 worth of to-do power, make sure to grab this before it is too late. A desktop companion app is also available for $35, on sale from $50. The price reduction is the very first discount on the apps since launch on March 27, 2010. The wait is now over.

Things is marketed as an easy to use task manager offering projects, tags, and repeating tasks. Foremost to the services is the Things Cloud, which syncs content across all devices. Activating Things Cloud is simplified with an on/off toggle in the settings section.

Out of the box, Things presents users with buckets in which to file upcoming tasks. Today, Next, Scheduled, and Sometime sort details in a chronological and paced system. Tasks can also have small notes attached to them, so viewing an action item can still provide some context and a due date.

Daily Review provides a one stop location for “things” needing attention today. To-do items with a today-schedule appear first and older tasks that are now due, today. These due items can be seen quickly as they are marked separately from the tasks, seen below.

Things App Today View

Pushing to-dos is made easy for procrastinators in the group. A scrolling date chooser provides a quick way to push a to-do into the future on a specified date. Once view a to-do, action and clear the item by checking it off the list. If there are a set of tasks or to-dos that are affiliated, they can be categorize them in a project, like a folder. Alternatively, or in addition to, label to-dos with a tag keyword and find them bunched together in an app search.

Impressively, this update comes merely a week after the Version 2.5.3 launch, which added full support for iOS 8. A new app icon offers a visual refresh, while the impressive new iOS 8 extension update allows an “Add to Things” option from the share sheet in other apps. If you use the app on multiple devices, iOS 8’s Handoff feature lets you quickly jump between devices. Most importantly, your app will background refresh, ensuring each time you open it, the information is completely updated.

Direct download links: Things for iPhone; iPad; and Mac