ProClip Fleet Mounts Rollout in Peapod Delivery Trucks

August 30, 2018 •

PeapodProClip Fleet Mounts Rollout in Peapod Delivery Trucks

Peapod, a grocery delivery service based in Chicago, Illinois, transports fresh and healthy foods with a fleet of more than 800 delivery trucks. Faster delivery means fresher food and happy customers. To speed up delivery time, Peapod uses in-vehicle technology to streamline the delivery process. With help from Integrated Communications, a mobility solutions provider, Peapod deployed flagship smartphones with ruggedized barcode scanners in each fleet vehicle to assist with logistical automation.

Peapod uses in-vehicle technology for their drivers to receive stop information, scan inventory at point of delivery, communicate with dispatch and navigate using GPS. Using updated technology not only makes the delivery process faster, it can make the workday more efficient and create a safer driver experience. Delivery performance is tracked via smartphone in real-time with precise, accurate, actionable data showing consistent delivery times and up-to-date inventory levels.

Integrated Communications Field Mobility Simplified

Integrated Communications sourced only the best, high-quality device mounts in the Peapod fleet capable of handling a rough ride. They chose ProClip USA, a leading North American distributor of fleet mounts. ProClip USA supplied a robust custom pogo pin charging holder with cigarette lighter plug and USB attachment built to hold the iPhone 6S Plus in Honeywell Captuvo Sled.

Deploying over 800 units across 30 locations is no easy task. Integrated Communications made the rollout simple, offering a bundle that includes device, integrated software, mounting solution and a dedicated support staff. ProClip USA provided Integrated Communications with the essential fleet mounts necessary to complete their field mobility bundle.

“Finding solutions to simplify field mobility is the core foundation of what makes us successful,” said Chris Saunders, President Integrated Communications. “Time is money and upgrading Peapod’s in-vehicle technology has paid off saving a minimum of 45 seconds per delivery. With tens of thousands of deliveries per week, the return on investment was quick and the recurring cost savings are dramatic.”

Peapod Using ProClip USA Fleet Mounts

Peapod decided against suction cups because they are not legal in every state, take up too much space on the windshield and often fall off the window, causing safety concerns. They needed a mounting solution that would effectively mount a smartphone in an easily accessible, safe and visible position. After a successful small-scale installation, Peapod decided to aggressively expand their ProClip custom device mount rollout in hundreds of vehicles.