Update on the OnePlus 6 and Other Android Phone Release Rumors

June 6, 2018 •

OnePlus 6

If you’re a fan of the smartphones made by OnePlus and count yourself as among those users who aim to be early adopters, you’ll want to check out the latest version of this device, which runs on the Android operating system. In the meantime, it seems there will never be an end to rumors of upcoming devices for early adopters to dream of using too.

Update on the New OnePlus 6

OnePlus releases a new version of its Android mobile phone about twice a year, noted Android Central. It will have a stronger screen made from Gorilla Glass 5 housing. This device has a new oblong fingerprint sensor on the rear. You can rely on the phone’s facial recognition to access it too, if you don’t want to use your finger.

There’s no need to worry that your peripherals might not work with the OnePlus 6, since it still has a standard headphone jack as well as a USB port. While there is no wireless charging capability, the OnePlus 6 does have a faster method to top off the battery, with its proprietary Dash Charge.

The OnePlus 6 comes with 6/8G RAM and 64GB-256GB of storage, depending on the configuration. It weighs a mere 177 grams and measures 155.7 by 75.44 by 7.75 mm, boasting a 6.28” bright and vibrant OLED display. With a $529 price tag for the base model, it looks to be a great option for OnePlus fans who are itching to upgrade.

Android Phone Release Rumors Continue to Swirl

Perhaps the OnePlus 6 is on your shopping list or you have already ordered one and are excited about getting to use this new upgrade. But as is always the case in the world of Android smartphones, rumors of upcoming devices are in the air too.

The next generation of Android mobile devices that are worth your consideration are anticipated to be released sometime later in 2018, according to a report from Pocket-Lint, include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Experts predict there will be a bigger display (maybe 6.4 inches), a battery with more capacity and the potential for a fingerprint scanner built into the device’s screen.
  • Google Pixel 3: Leaked images indicate that the screen of Google’s next Android phone will have an 18:9 aspect ratio and will now employ a notch to reduce the size of the bezel.
  • LG V40: This device, officially termed the LG V40 ThinQ is rumored to be making an appearance “later in the year” in anticipation that LG will use a two-flagship approach, marketing its LG G7. It’s too early to gain any more insight beyond this for what the team at LG has in store for its loyal end users.

Give Your Hands a Break When Using an Android Device

While Android smartphones like those offered by OnePlus are designed to fit nicely in your hand, there’s no reason that you have to constantly grip the device when using it for tasks such as catching up on your email and news or watching streaming videos. It’s best to mount the phone in a secure table stand, which frees your hands and keeps the screen oriented so you and (and a friend or colleague) can view it glare-free and in the perfect orientation.