Oliv. Launches Magnetic Universal Phone Mounting Solutions

October 27, 2017 •


We take smartphones everywhere – in the car, to work and even to bed. The cell phone was invented to be mobile and mobility is the ultimate convenience. But where does the cell phone go when you drive? Driving with phone-in-hand is simply unsafe and using the cup holder is dirty and unreliable. The solution is a cell phone accessory that keeps your device mounted, visible and within reach.

Meet Oliv, a universal magnetic phone mounting solution for the next generation smartphone user. Universal by nature, Oliv mounts can mount latest smartphones, GPS and other smart devices in virtually any vehicle. Using a built in smart magnet with near-force technology, Oliv delivers a strong hold and removes with a flick of the wrist. The smart magnet also ensures that Oliv is safe for cellphones, GPS, credit cards and hotel room keys.

The magnetic shim uses strong adhesive tape that attaches directly to the back center of the device and features a barely noticeable, low-profile design. Included with the Suction Cup, AMPS and Button mount is the Oliv Link. The Link is a universal adapter that can disconnect and be used as a stand-alone mount or with other products in the Oliv ecosystem. Oliv designed the Link with a modular design so you can travel throughout the day and not be stuck in the vehicle. You can take the Link from vehicle to home office, the gym and even school.

The Oliv brand currently has 4 hands-free mounting solutions all featuring a sleek, modern design. Oliv is also compatible with the leading case brands including Otterbox, Tech 21 and Speck. The magnetic shim must be attached to the outside of any case and in the center of the device for optimal functionality. If you use a compass application, the smart magnet may affect the functionality based on where the compass is located in your device. Oliv universal magnetic solutions are not compatible with wireless chargers.

1. Oliv AMPS Mount + ProClip USA Vehicle Mounts

Designed to be compatible with the universal AMPS hole pattern, this hands-free mount can attach to virtually any ProClip car mount that features a pre-drilled, custom faceplate. The AMPS hole pattern is a series of four holes aligned in a rectangular pattern. Using the (4) included self-tapping screws, the Oliv AMPS mount connects with virtually any ProClip vehicle mount. The Oliv Link attaches to the AMPS base using near-force technology allowing the magnet to only connect when close by.

2. Oliv Suction Cup Mount

A universal mount that attaches your device to the vehicle windshield. Designed with a large, soft suction cup base it attaches easily to most smooth surfaces with a small twist of the textured ring. The suction cup also connects without residue, to glass, stainless steel, granite, and marble. For non-smooth surfaces, use the adhesive disc to attach the suction cup. The modular, two-piece design features the magnetic Oliv Link.

3. Oliv Vent Mount

Every car has a vent. The Oliv Vent Mount is a universal mounting solution that connects to your existing vehicle air vent and can easily switch from one car to the next. Designed with a textured base and strong clamping action it will attach to most vents. The jaws easily open by pressing on the logo face. Two adhesive shims are included and will allow the device to be positioned in portrait or landscape mode. Magnetic force will combine the Vent Mount + Device with a firm, secure hold.

4. Oliv Button Mount

Go anywhere with the Oliv Button mount. With a low-profile design, this universal mount is both simplistic and functional. The button attaches to most flat surfaces using 3M adhesive tape leaving no residue after removal. Use the button mount on any flat surface that is safe for magnets including the fridge, locker or work desk. The Oliv Link allows for tilt and rotation for multiple viewing angles. The button mount can mount virtually anywhere making it the most versatile mount in the Oliv ecosystem.