New Universal Tablet Holders

June 2, 2014 •

We’ve just released a new line of universal holders for small and large tablets.

Universal Tablet Holders for Car

We already offer a number of universal holders for phones used with a case, but now we also have four universal tablet holders that adjust to fit different sizes of tablets.

These four holders come in styles to fit small or large tablets and for tablets with or without a case. The small tablet holders are designed to adjust and fit most 7 to 10 inch tablets. The large tablet holders are designed to adjust and fit most 10 to 12 inch tablets. For both small and large tablets, there is one holder for tablets without a case and another for tablets with a case.

Universal Tablet Holders

Much like our universal phone holders, these adjustable tablet holders are designed to leave space open for accessing charging ports and buttons on the tablet. The holders rotate easily between portrait and landscape mode. They can also angle or tilt up to 15 degrees to avoid glare.

Unique to these holders is a spring action corner that makes it easy to insert and remove the tablet from the holder once installed. You can check out all four of these universal tablet holders on our website.