New Tablet Holders Now Available for Google Nexus 7

September 13, 2012 •

The highly demanded Google Nexus 7 has been a popular tablet this quarter. Its lower price point makes it a top competitor for the Amazon Kindle Fire. While the Kindle Fire grabbed a chunk of the market share from Apple’s iPad, some people predict that the Nexus 7 will have more of an effect on the Kindle Fire market share than the iPad’s.

Google Nexus 7 HolderOthers say that with the upcoming release of the Surface tablet, Microsoft and Google will end up beating out the iPad. Apple is, as we all know, highly successful. It’s hard to say what the end result will be, as most is speculation at this point.

Highly Demanded Nexus 7 and ProClip USA Holders
Recent market share numbers of the Nexus 7 haven’t been released, but given how fast the Nexus 7 was sold out after its release, we can be pretty sure that people were excited about it. We do know the Nexus 7 release has helped Android compete in the tablet market. The high demand for the tablet also brought a high demand for some ProClip Nexus 7 tablet holders. Well, good news. They have arrived!

Three Styles of ProClip Google Nexus 7 Tablet Holders
We have released three tablet holders for the Nexus 7. All have the tilt swivel functionality that most of our other mobile device holders possess. This allows you to rotate the tablet between portrait and landscape mode while it is in the holder. Convenience and easy access are always a plus. The less fiddling around you do while driving, the better, right?

Charging Holders for Nexus 7
Two of the holders also have charging capabilities, so when you’re on that long road trip and the only thing to keep the kids sitting still is to play a movie on your new Nexus 7, you never have that realization the battery is dead (and that you’ve failed at achieving the parent of the year award).

You can choose between a cigarette lighter adapter and a straight power cord for fixed installation, which means no annoying cords hanging over the dashboard. This will help you keep that car looking neat and clean, even if the kids find a way to make it dirty with every car ride you take.

Here are the product links so you can take a closer look: