New Product: French Fry Car Mount

April 1, 2015 •


Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You’re on a road trip and the dining options are few and far between. Or, you’re running from work, to that appointment and then to the store – meanwhile, your stomach feels like it’s literally “eating itself”! So, you swing by your favorite local drive thru and pick up a quick snack – some savory and delicious french fried potatoes. Your hunger is about to be satisfied, but in an attempt to stuff fry to face, you’re fumbling around inside that dang bag on your passenger seat – scrounging around for every last fry!

Why not keep your fries where you can see them best with our custom French Fry Car Mount! Made from the same quality materials you expect from ProClip, the newest edition to our line of quality products keeps both your eyes on the road and on your fries easily within snacking reach. Just like our custom dashboard car phone mounts and phone holders, our French Fry holders are available in custom sizes made to fit your favorite french fry container perfectly! Just simply attach a medium, large or SUPER GRANDE size french fry holder to your ProClip car mount and your ready to snack like a pro!

Coming soon! Also look for custom drink and napkin holders, available only from ProClip USA!

Happy April Fools’ Day, 2015!