New iPhone Production – What’s the Latest Scoop?

April 30, 2013 •

Many iPhone rumors have been circling for some time now.

  • Will the next release be an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6?
  • Will there be a cheaper version of the iPhone, maybe an iPhone mini?
  • Will Apple make a larger screened iPhone to match the “phablet” trend popular with many recent Android devices?
  • Will Apple release an iPhone in colors other than black and white?

All great questions with many speculated answers, but nothing has been confirmed by Apple yet.

What Will the Next iPhone Look Like?
Here are a few pictures of potential designs for the next iPhone.

iPhone Air Concept

iPhone 5S Colors

Next iPhone Lineup

iPhone 5S Likely the Next iPhone
At this point, reports strongly point to an iPhone 5S being the next iPhone release. While early reports estimated this phone would be coming sometime this summer to compete with the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, more recent reports show that delays in production are going to put off that date a bit longer.

iPhone Production Delays
Earlier in April, Bloomberg reported that the electronics manufacturer Foxconn resumed hiring in preparation for new iPhone production in the Chinese manufacturing facility.

New information released last week report Apple CEO Time Cook hinted at production delays for the new iPhone 5S. These delays are speculated to be stemming from the new fingerprint technology that is expected to come from Apple this year. This report from TechnoBloom suggests iPhone 5S production will start in June or even later. Given this, an iPhone 6 likely won’t be seen until 2014.

Strong iPhone Competition from HTC and Samsung
With these delays, many have questioned how it will affect Apple’s stance in the market. Both HTC and Samsung have recently released what are considered some of the best phones on the market with the One and Galaxy S4, respectively. Although the iPhone 5 is said to be on par with these phones, how does the lack of a recent release affect Apple? For those who want the latest and greatest in new smartphone technology, a switch from iOS to Android may be entertained before iPhone 6 makes its way to market.

We know a lot of our ProClip customers are iPhone fans, so we ask you the question, how long will you hold out for iPhone 5S or 6? At what point, if any, would you switch from Apple to another operating system?