New Details About the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro Have Arrived

March 24, 2016 •

Leaked Details About the New Galaxy A9 Pro Smartphone Entice Samsung FansIf you are a fan of Samsung’s Android smartphones, you may also be an early adopter who likes to pre-order devices to ensure you have access to the latest features in your equipment.

The upcoming Galaxy A9 Pro is a smartphone that is lighting up interest among users from around the world who cannot wait to buy the newest iteration of Galaxy technology.

Galaxy A9 Pro’s Technical Specifications Intrigue Buyers

While Samsung has not been forthcoming about the details about this new mobile device, information has leaked, thanks to some testing paperwork that the company had to file with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission prior to being permitted to sell it in this country.

The FCC just certified the Galaxy A9 Pro, according to a recent article at PhoneArena. This is an important step that signals the company is on track to release the latest version of the device. PhoneArena noted that the phone has already been certified by the regulatory agency TENAA in China, which is the first place on Earth where people are expected to be able to purchase it.

The Galaxy A9 Pro is rumored to come with an all-metal build, according to a recent report from GizBot. What’s more, experts are speculating that the phone will conveniently have a battery that users can replace.

Rumored Features of the Galaxy A9 Pro

If you are eager to buy the new Galaxy A9 Pro from Samsung, here is a rundown of the latest rumored features of this mobile device, with details coming from a recent PhoneArena report:

  • Will run the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system
  • Comes with 4GB of RAM installed
  • Super AMOLED 6-inch display
  • 16MP camera on the back, 8MP camera facing front
  • Native storage expands to 32GB
  • Measures just 7.9 mm thick
  • Will weigh 201 grams

The excitement and anticipation that die hard fans feel about upcoming new Android smartphones is something that we can expect every time Samsung prepares a new version of its technology. The Galaxy A9 Pro should prove to be no exception.