New Cell Phone Cases We Loved at CES 2017

January 9, 2017 •

New Cell Phone Cases We Loved at CES 2017
At ProClip we love phone cases. In fact, we have a whole section in our warehouse dedicated to keeping a wide selection of cases available. We do this to make sure our selection of universal, adjustable phone holders work with just about any case our customers want to use. We like to stay ahead of the curve as much as possible, so we took some time at CES this year to explore the new phone cases on the market. Below are the cases we loved the most.


Sonix Phone Cases
We liked the thin, clear cases for iPhone 6/6 Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus from Sonix. Their cases were sleek and slim and came in a variety of great designs. We especially liked the floral patterns. Sonix phone cases are available online starting at $20. And if you would like a ProClip phone holder to go with it, our universal, adjustable phone holder (product #511666) for small to medium cases is the best fit for iPhone 7 with Sonix Floral case.


RhinoShield Phone Cases
RhinoShield grabbed our attention with their Google Pixel phone cases. Their best-selling case is the Crash Guard Bumper Case. It has Eggdrop Technology that absorbs the impact of an 11-foot drop. The case comes with a matte finish to enhance your grip and is only 2.5mm thick to give you great protection, yet a sleek, slim design. The RhinoShiled Crash Guard Bumper Case is available online starting at $24.99. Our universal, adjustable phone holder (product #246807) is the best fit for Google Pixel XL with RhinoShield Crash Guard Bumper Case.


X-Doria Phone Cases
We were impressed by the phone cases from X-Doria. They specialize in thinner cases with rugged protection for iPhones. Their Defense Series iPhone cases are lab certified to withstand drops up to 6.6 feet, and are all military grade, with a slim fit and machined metal frame. X-Doria Defense Series iPhone cases are available online starting at $19.99. If you have an iPhone 7 Plus and an X-Doria Defense case, you will want to try it out with our universal, adjustable holder (product #511667).


iBLADES Phone Cases
i-BLADES won big at CES 2017, literally. The company won the CES 2017 Innovation Award for the world’s first smart case that comes with added memory expansion and additional battery charge. Don’t let the name be misleading, i-BLADES specializes in Samsung phone cases. i-BLADES phone cases are available for pre-order online. If you decide to purchase an i-BLADES phone case when they become available, and would like to mount your phone in your car, our universal, adjustable phone holder (product #246804) will provide the best fit for a Samsung Galaxy S7 with i-BLADES.