New Android Emoji Available for Nexus Devices

December 7, 2015 •

New Emojis for Android
(via Android Central)

In a move that takes us ever closer to the age where we communicate exclusively in pictograms, Google recently rolled out a brand new set of emoji that are now available for Nexus devices. The new emoji rolls out with the Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 update. The new emoji has also been shared with Google partners, such as Samsung, so the rest of the Android community should be seeing new emoji soon. While most are pretty standard, a few left us laughing, while some left us scratching our heads. One disappointing discovery is that Android is still lacking the multi-racial emoji that can be found on Apple devices. Below are some of the craziest new Android emojis:

New Food Emojis

Android had to play catch up with Apple in this new update. The beloved taco emoji is now available for Android users to easily signal to their friends that they are craving Mexican cuisine. And just in case you still want Mexican food, but aren’t craving a taco, they’ve also supplied a burrito emoji. new taco emoji

Spider and Web

The arachniphobe on your contact list is probably not going to be happy with either of these. There is now a big black spider, as well as a web to go with it. So when you find yourself at a loss for words because you’re screaming and standing on a chair in the kitchen to escape a spider, you can easily signal for help.

new spider emoji


Being able to tell a friend with a single character that you are working is probably a good thing. But, we’re not sure why they need three separate filing-related emojis to express it.

new android emoji


No need to hunt down that gif of Michael Jackson eating popcorn every time there is drama. Now you can just use the popcorn emoji and get right to the point. Or use it as a new way to ask someone to the movies.

new android emoji

Middle Finger

Sometimes actions can speak louder than words. When you’re texting someone who you are not happy with, this new emoji can help you get the message across.

new android emoji

Peace Dove

When you’ve cooled back down after sending a middle finger, this can make a nice addition to your apology text.

new android emoji

Mythical Creatures

Android is once again playing catch up with Apple with this new emoji. The long-requested unicorn emoji is now available for those who’s lives were incomplete without it. 

new android emoji

In all, there are about 200 new emoji. For those without a Nexus device, be on the look out for new emoji when you receive your Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 update.