Motorola Moto X Car Phone Holders

October 23, 2013 •

The customizable Motorola Moto X phone was released in late August. More carriers have been picking up the phone, and just in time. Motorola Moto X holders are now here!

The Phone: Motorola Moto X
With a 720×1280 pixel and 4.7-inch display, 16 GB storage and 2 GB RAM, the Moto X isn’t topping the charts when placed up against the top Apple and Samsung phones. However, with impressive voice command capabilities and a well-crafted, customizable design, the Moto X does have its perks. Motorola’s Texas factory is currently shipping 100,000 units per week, which the CEO says is just where they’d like to be.

The Holders: Motorola Moto X Car Mounts
We have three Moto X Phone Holders available. As a basic option, we have our standard holder with tilt swivel. For holders of the charging variety, we have a charging holder with tilt swivel and cigarette lighter plug and a charging holder with tilt swivel for hard wired installation.

Moto X Holders

Moto X Holders - Cigarette Lighter Plug Moto X Holders - Hard Wire