Motorola and its First-Ever 5G Smartphone in the US

August 29, 2018 •


Image via Motorola

Users who want the best and fastest available phones took note when Motorola showed off its new smartphone on August 2 at a press event in Chicago, the Moto Z3. This is the first phone Motorola is releasing in the United States that will work with 5G networks (specifically, in a new residential broadband network from Verizon to be deployed later this year in select cities, according to Tech Republic).

How Fast is 5G?

For those not keeping score, “5G” is the designation being given to the latest in high-speed wireless communication. The telecommunications industry began with 1G (first generation) for analog cellphones, followed by 2G, which was the pioneering digital cellular network. Then came 3G, the technology that brought transmissions to more than 200kps. The latest system, 4G, is in the megabit to gigabit speed range.

5G, the 5th generation will allow us to have a network approaching 1Gbps to 10 Gbps (gigabytes per second), according to Network World.

Which Phones Will Be Upgrading to 5G?

With so much expectation among consumers for improved connectivity, large phone providers will be upgrading to 5G.

T-Mobile is set to launch a nationwide 5G network in 2019 and total coverage is slated to be active by 2020. Major provider Sprint, according to ECN, says it will install 5G connectivity in 2019, AT&T revealed that it is going to offer mobile 5G service in the USA, with a beginning network of at least 12 cities to be developed before the end of the year, as noted by PC Magazine.

Motorola’s Recently Released Phones

Some people may wonder whether Motorola is still a relevant smartphone brand. A report from Android Police noted that the company has been in trouble for the last 5 years or more, because of delays in releasing phones and the mixed critical reception it received for the Moto X4. Perhaps the company will be able to regain more relevancy by releasing new products with more technology flair, such as equipment for 5G in its latest product line.

Motorola is aiming to satisfy the marketplace by releasing a variety of smartphones for consumers to pick from. Here are the recently released phones from Motorola and their prices, according to a compilation from Lifewire

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