Mobile Movie Magic: Android Video Tips and Apps

October 10, 2014 •


The video cameras that are on Android phones and tablets get better in quality all the time. Since everyone has a phone in her pocket, everyone can shoot high quality video with a few tips and tricks. Here are some of the best apps and tips for making good Android videos:

  • Hold the phone sideways to shoot. Otherwise, you wind up with a vertically oriented video that will look awkward on most video players.
  • Be on wi-fi when it is time to upload. Videos are large files and uploading them over 3G can gobble up your data.
  • Shoot in natural light whenever possible. The Android phones’ small lenses mean they need all the help they can get.
  • Clean up your storage before you shoot. HD video takes up a lot of space.
  • Keep your camera steady. Holding your camera in both hands and tucking your elbows in can make less shaky videos. If your videos are still too shaky, try making or buying a small tripod.
  • Invest in an external microphone, if you will be shooting a lot of videos. There are a number of mics on the market, as well as DIY options.

There are also a number of apps that can enhance your Android-shot videos. Here are our top picks:

  • Recordable, which is available for FREE in the Play store, allows you to screen record on your Android phone. This is a great way to get smooth video for gaming videos and Android tutorials.


  • VidTrim is a lightweight and basic on-phone video editor. It makes it easy to trim video clips, add simple effects, add music and convert videos into different formats. The app is available in both free ad-supported and premium ad-free versions.


  • Lapse It allows you to make time lapse and stop motion videos right in your phone. Tuck your Android into your car phone mount to shoot a time lapse video of a long drive or make a fun video of objects traveling around your desk at work.