Master Siri Commands to Become an iPhone 7 Power User

December 27, 2016 •

Master Siri Commands to Become an iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus Power User(image via Cnet)

Whether you’re new to using iPhones or have recently upgraded from an older iPhone to the new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you can now use your device more efficiently when you take advantage of time-saving voice commands with Siri, your personal assistant from Apple.

Not having to type in what you want to write with your iPhone frees you up to get more tasks done with less effort. It’s easier to speak instead of tapping icons or typing on the device’s virtual keyboard.

Getting Started with Siri Commands

In case you’ve never experienced Siri before, just know that it’s a virtual assistant built into your iPhone that you speak to when issuing commands and composing texts for emails and other documents.

You’ll need to configure Siri before taking advantage of its features. Tap “Settings” on the home screen, then tap “General,” and then tap “Siri.” Swipe the Siri control to the “On” setting to activate the assistant. Make sure to select “On” for the “Allow ‘Hey Siri’” setting. This lets you activate Siri hands-free, just by talking, noted Tech Ranker.

Examples of Things You Can Say to Siri

Apple has included hundreds of commands for interacting with Siri. The following commands are an introduction to get you started with using your digital assistant.

You can tell Siri about relationships you have with individuals in your contact list. Tell Siri, “My brother’s name is Jack” or “My assistant is Albert.”  This enables you to then tell Siri to call your brother or your assistant without having to refer to them by name.

Go through your contacts to get specific details, asking questions such as “What’s the address of Steven?” or “Show me the phone number for my brother.”

When you want to start a FaceTime video chat, just say “FaceTime” and the name of someone in your contacts. Making a routine phone call is as simple as telling Siri to call someone by name (or by the relationship you established earlier). You can even tell Siri to redial the last number or to return the most recent missed call.

To send a text message, you can now say, “text my brother saying, “dinner has moved from 6pm to 7pm.” This is quite handy when you are running around and are too busy to even type a quick update.

Working with your Calendar on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus is simple, you can tell Siri to schedule a meeting with a person in your contacts at a specific time “tomorrow” without having to say the date. Instead of having to actually look at your calendar, ask Siri something like, “What’s on my calendar today” or “When is my next meeting with Mary?”

Using Siri to interact with your iPhone 7 simply by speaking means that you don’t need to touch the device as much as you used to for carrying out routine tasks. It’s easier to keep your mobile device at the optimum viewing angle when you quit holding it all times and instead position it in a sturdy iPhone table stand.