LG V10 Review & Car Phone Holders

January 21, 2016 •

LG V10

With the launch of the LG V10, LG has incorporated some high-end features like a fingerprint scanner, second screen and dual front-facing selfie cameras. The Korean company is making some changes in hopes of competing with other premium mobile devices, like iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. According to research by Counterpoint, as of Q2 2015, LG ranked 3rd in smartphone market share in North American (14% of total) and 6th globally (4%).

The Screen
The phone itself is huge with a 5.7-inch screen. The phone’s full dimensions are 6.28 x 3.12 x 0.34 inches. This leaves room for two screens in one display. The second screen on the LG V10 is a mini-screen that runs across the top of the device and, when the main screen is off, the mini screen shows date, time, battery level, weather and app notifications. When the main screen is on, the mini screen is used to show recently used apps.

The Cameras
Let’s talk about the ultimate selfie, or “groufie” camera. The LG V10 features two front-facing cameras so you can choose between a close-up selfie and a wide-angle “groupie” shot. The downfall is that both are only 5MP, whereas many other phones in this category beat that.

The Bottom Line
There are a handful of other nice features like expandable memory, a removable battery, fingerprint sensor and more camera control. Of course, all of these features come at a price, and the LG V10 isn’t cheap. The phone retails for $600-$700 in the US when purchased without a contract.

If none of the phone’s features interest you, you may be entertained by the catchy promo commercial featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The commercial is a compilation of videos shot using the LG V10 camera.

LG V10 Car Phone Holders and Mounts
We have four LG V10 car phone holders to choose from. All of our mounting solutions are custom designed to fit your phone, discreetly blend into the interior of your vehicle and are simple to use. Our two-part mounting solution requires a phone holder and a car mount. Once installed, the phone will easily slide in and out of the holder, which adjusts up to 20 degrees in any direction and can be positioned in either landscape or portrait view for the best viewing experience.

LG V10 Car Phone Holders