How to Add More Fingerprints to Your New iPhone for Emergency Calls

January 24, 2017 •

How to Add More Fingerprints to Your New iPhone for Emergency Calls

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If you recently received a new iPhone as a gift during the holidays, you can anticipate getting a great deal of use and enjoyment from the device as you try new features and apps. Since so many people do rely on their smartphones to help them stay connected with others in case of an emergency, it would be a good idea for you to learn how to make your iPhone work better for you in times of distress.

New iPhones come with a fingerprint scanner that lets you touch it to unlock the device instead of having to type in your secret password. This can be really helpful when time is short and you are already frazzled by the emergency situation that you have forgotten your password.

Emergency Call Feature

When an iPhone has not been used or even had its screen touched for a given period of time, the screen locks (according to the user-set options). When the owner has set up password protection, you cannot use the device unless you can type in the correct login info on the lock screen.

An exception to this rule applies when people need to make an emergency call. This lets others call 911 even if they do not know the password for that iPhone, noted a recent article at Cool Mom Tech.

How to Add More Fingerprints to Touch ID on Your iPhone

To let more people activate your iPhone during emergencies, tap “Settings” and then tap “Touch ID & Passcode.” Enter the current passcode, which you currently use to unlock the iPhone. Tap “Fingerprints” and then tap “Add a Fingerprint.” Follow the prompts to scan a new fingerprint and save that person’s information with the fingerprint image.

For example, you could scan one finger of each of your children, spouse and other family members. To give you more options during a crisis, consider scanning another of your own fingers too. That way, if your left hand is encumbered or too injured to touch the iPhone’s fingerprint scanner, you can use your right hand. This gives you more options in case anyone around you needs to make a quick call in an emergency.

Adding more fingerprints to your iPhone for Touch ID will give you and your family the peace of mind that comes from knowing emergency assistance is just a fingerprint scan away.