The Latest Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors

November 28, 2018 •

Galaxy S10

Image via WCCFTech

The Latest Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors

With the next iteration of the Samsung Galaxy being the big 1-0, the S10 is generating a lot of chatter and excitement. Samsung fans believe that the innovator will definitely pull out all the stops for this important update. Tantalizing bits of information have inspired a lot of speculation for the 2019 release. Here’s what we know — or think we know — so far:

Infinity-0 Screen

Images included in patents filed by Samsung seem to indicate that the S10 may come with an Infinity-0 screen for a true edge-to-edge display. This design features a bezel-less display and a front-facing camera that is punched directly into the screen. However, Ice Universe has also asserted that the Infinity-0 design is not ready for production yet and is unlikely to be included.

A Brighter, Higher Pixel Display

One leak reported in Forbes claims that the display for the S10 will have amazingly vivid colors. Other rumors say that the pixel count will be even higher than in previous models and may eclipse that of the latest iPhones.

5G Connectivity (for Some)

Many people believe that the Galaxy S10 will be 5G compatible. However, other rumors say that only some of the S10 models will have 5G. There is evidence that only specific models available exclusively from Verizon will have the faster speed. Other people believe that it will be a more widely available perk in premium versions of the phone.

An Earlier Release Date?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was unveiled in March the year it came out, and released the following month. With the S9, Samsung went a month earlier for each event, with a February unveiling and a March release. What does that mean for the highly anticipated S10? According to rumors posted by Korean financial news site The Bell, the S10 will be released earlier than either of these, with an unveiling at CES in January.

Whatever is in store for the Galaxy S10, fans will not have to wait long. Within a few months, chances are good that we’ll at least see the unveiling and get a look at what is likely to be the most exciting Samsung phone yet.