Kodak’s New Android Smartphone: What to Expect

January 2, 2015 •


An old familiar name is set to become the latest newcomer to the Android device market. Kodak, long known for their film-based cameras and the inventor of the digital camera is looking to make a comeback by offering a new Android phone. While it may be hard for them to carve out in a space already crowded with big names like Apple, Google, Samsung and Motorola, their history as a recognized camera and film manufacturer could win them some photogenic fans.


Kodak’s flagship Android smartphone is set to debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in early January. Until then, Kodak is keeping precise details under wraps. But, this is what we’ve sussed out so far:

  • The smartphones will focus on providing what they describe as “best in class” photo quality. They will also offer streamlined image management and sharing functions.
  • They plan to create a smartphone that has a simple user interface. For those who get irritated at seemingly superfluous bells and whistles, a clean, simple interface could be a bonus.
  • Kodak will not manufacture the smartphones. This duty will go to manufacturer Bullitt Group. This is the same company that built a smartphone for construction equipment firm Caterpillar, which featured a Gorilla glass screen and wet finger tracking.
  • They plan to follow up the initial smartphone offering with a tablet later in the year. The Kodak Mobile Device products should go on sale sometime later next year.

That’s all for now, but we will keep an eye on this story to see what additional information unfolds on Kodak’s flagship Android smartphone after their CES reveal.