iPhone X Plus Rumor Roundup

August 17, 2018 •

iPhone X

As September approaches, rumors around Apple’s upcoming flagship handheld devices come to a peak. It is believed the Cupertino based company will be releasing three new handsets sometime early fall. The rumor mill anticipates a full refresh to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, with the potential for all three new devices to sport bezelless designs, among other internal enhancements.

Expected iPhone Updates

With a new year, comes a new iPhone. This update may prove to be one of the biggest changes to the lineup since the inclusion of biometric authentication, when the iPhone 5s added the Touch ID.

Updated screens

As pictured in the video above from BGR, Apple is expected to release full-screen iPhones. Assumedly, the entry level version would still utilize an LCD panel, but would stretch the entire width of the screen and include Face ID. A larger version of the iPhone X would include an OLED, Face ID, and become the most expensive option.

The anticipated screen sizes include: 5.8″; 6.1″; and 6.5″. The iPhone X upgrade will remain 5.8″ and the iPhone X Plus will be added at 6.5″. While the LCD  at 6.1″ model is expected to be the least expensive, it will have a slightly larger screen.

Within the beta version of iOS 12, code indicates a landscape version will be included for the Plus size version of the platform. The current iPhone X does not include landscape views, despite having a larger screen than the entry level iPhone 8 model.

iPhone X

Proof of these models surfaced on Twitter in mid-July by popular Apple leaker Ben Gaskin.

Face ID

With all new models expected to adopt an edge-to-edge screen, there is no longer an option to include the Touch ID sensor. Consequently, a Face ID system will be equipped within all models of the forthcoming devices.

LCD panels are not as easily tucked into edge-to-edge devices. Apple may include LED backlighting chips to enable the full screen option, while providing room for Face ID sensors.

Enhanced chipsets

An new A12 silicon chipset is expected to be utilized for the new iPhone devices. Apple’s own processors are built specifically to optimize both hardware and software, giving them an extra edge on other competitors.

As early as June, Geekbench reports surfaced a new iPhone device which tested approximately 10% faster than the existing models.

SIM card options

iPhone X

To connect to a cellular network, each cell phone includes a SIM card, which communications between the device and the network. Other iPhone competitors have included dual SIM card options within their handsets, which provides simple options for international travelers. SIMs are locked to specific networks, which requires a new SIM to be installed on any device that needs to hop networks.

Allegedly, the 6.1″ and 6.5″ models may include dual SIM options, for the first time in iPhone’s production history. If Apple chooses to launch with this option, it is possible the dual SIM models are only distributed outside the US markets.

Multiple colors

iPhone X

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, via 9to5Mac, there is a possibility the iPhone X and X Plus models may be offered in a variety of colors. The last time Apple offered a multicolor iPhone option was for the iPhone 5c. While the possibility of multiple iPhone colors is anyone’s guess, Kuo is rarely wrong when announcing iPhone speculations.


Given the upcoming devices are a complete overhaul from Apple’s normal phone launches, the pricing model is unpredictable. Most likely, the entry level model will start around $700, which is in-line with last year’s iPhone 8. However, if the iPhone X will still begin at $1,000 is questionable.

As rumored this week, Apple Pencil support may be included in at least one model. If this is the case, it would be no surprise to see prices remain above the $1,000 mark.

Time will reveal all and we expect Apple to send out media invitations in either early September or October, mostly depending on whether Apple has achieved a scaled production line at this point. With part leaks already coming to light, a September announcement is probable, if previous years are to be trusted to predict the future.