New Gestures to Use Now that the iPhone X Has No Home Button

November 9, 2017 •

Home Button

Image via Apple Inc.

The first thing many people notice when using the new iPhone X is that Apple’s latest version of its mobile device no longer has the familiar home button at the bottom of the display.

Since pressing the home button was used to accomplish so many different tasks, you will need to acquaint yourself with using new gestures to get the most out of your iPhone X. Below are five of the most common tasks you can now accomplish with gestures.

How to Do 5 Tasks on the iPhone X with No Home Button

1. Wake Up the iPhone X

With no home button to push to wake the device, you now have three gestures to rouse the iPhone X. The easiest way, as noted by a recent report from Cult of Mac, is to grab the device and raise it. Or, simply tap the screen or press the sleep/wake button located on the side.

2. Engage with Siri

To wake up Siri, which used to be accomplished using the home button, you now press and hold the sleep/wake button, that is if you are not in the mood to actually use your voice to say “Hey Siri.”

3. Make a Screenshot

The lack of a home button means you need to use a different combination to make screenshots on your iPhone X. Press the side button and the volume up button simultaneously to take a picture of your screen.

4. Return to the Home Screen

Navigating back to the home screen on previous models of the iPhone was done by pressing the home button. Now, you swipe from the bottom of the screen toward the top to return home.

5. Switch Between Apps

With the earlier versions of the iPhone, you would double-tap the home button to see the list of most recently used apps. Now, you swipe up from the bottom of the display and pause, which may take some getting used to. Then, tap the icon of an app to switch to it as usual.

The more familiar you become with using gestures, the easier the smartphone will be for you to use in your daily tasks. So, when you are sitting at a desk using your new iPhone X, there is no need for you to hold the device in your hand or lean it against something like a coffee mug to surf the web. Instead, mount it in a ProClip table stand for convenience.