The Good and the Bad of Not Updating Your iPhone Operating System

August 7, 2018 •


Whenever Apple releases a new version of iOS, the operating system for its mobile devices, fans have to decide whether it’s worth it to upgrade.

Why People Don’t Update their iPhone Operating System

Not everyone needs all the “bells and whistles” when it comes to using a mobile phone. For those who are content to remain with the status quo, there’s no rush to change the operating system on their older iPhone generational phones. One chief reason is diminishing battery life with new operating systems. Extra, power-sucking features that you could do without may delay an upgrade. Or, a person is accustomed to the older layout and does not like the look and interface of the latest iPhone. However, one negative aspect of refusing to upgrade is that you may get daily warnings to update, causing annoyance.

However, with computer hackers preying on mobile device users, it would be in your best interest to update to the latest iOS whenever Apple provides it, so you can make sure you are covered by new security features and fixes. For context, the best iPhone release of all time was the iPhone 5 with iOS operating system 6 in 2012, according to a report from Stuff. This was the device that truly wowed the editors, as it thinned down from iPhone 4. The lighter device now could get online with LTE, allowing users to get the speed they need to appreciate the gorgeous Retina display.

The Revolutionary iOS

People who want to stick with an older version of iOS for the time being should consider that Apple is in the business of being revolutionary.The first version of iOS, unveiled to the world by Steve Jobs in 2017 is viewed as the most revolutionary by iMore. Back then, Jobs offered not just a single revolutionary product (which was a rare enough feet for any company, but three in one: The groundbreaking iPhone burst onto the scene with an operating system that let it function as a phone, iPod music player and a computer that connects wirelessly to the internet.

If you’re getting the newest iPhone, you will automatically be getting the freshest iOS. So, biting the bullet and buying a new iPhone will make you upgrade to the newest operating system and the good and bad that come along with using it.

Use Your iPhone More Safely

Whether you decide to upgrade to the newest iPhone now or are content to continue using your older model for the foreseeable future, it’s always important to use your mobile device in as safe a manner as possible. This is why so may people prefer to use a sturdy dashboard mount to hold their phone while driving. Doing so enables them to keep their focus on the highway instead of dealing with a potentially dangerous distraction.