Learn How to Filter and Block Phone Numbers on Your iPhone

May 11, 2018 •


Image via AppleInsider

We’ve all been in a situation where we are minding our own business, when out of the blue comes an unwanted text message or a call from someone we would rather not engage with. It’s part of the price that comes from being able to connect with everyone via iPhones with Wi-Fi to maintain access even when the cellular data network is unavailable.

It almost goes without saying that, just because someone happens to have your phone number, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should ever have to communicate with him or her. You may be getting requests from an old friend or work colleague with whom you should have severed ties with long ago. Or, a person you used to communicate with gladly has started to send more unwanted messages than texts you would welcome with a smile. With that in mind, you can avoid getting messages from annoying people in your contacts list quite easily using tools built into the iOS 11 operating system.

Filter and Block Numbers in iOS 11

Annoying individuals can reach out to you on your iPhone by calling, sending you texts and making FaceTime video calls, but it’s easy to block them under the iOS operating system version 11, noted a report from AppleInsider.

To stop incoming phone calls, tap the Phone app icon and go to Recents. Identify the contact you wish to block, then tap the “i” icon next to it, and then scroll down to tap “Block this Caller.” Keep in mind that a blocked caller can still leave you voicemail messages, but at least you can ignore and delete those with ease as they arrive. When you block a person’s contact or number, you will also stop incoming text messages.

Launch the FaceTime app when you want to block video calls using Apple’s native video chatting app. When you see the contact you want to keep from FaceTiming with you, tap the “i” icon next to his or her name, and then tap the Block this Caller option.

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