iPhone 6s Internal Details Surface

August 28, 2015 •

iPhone 6 Edges

iPhone is rumored to receive its annual upgrade this fall, after an official press event on September 9. If history is any indication, the upcoming iPhone will be termed the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The ‘s’ series phone line has come on the off-year since 2009. Traditionally, the ‘s’ year is one which doesn’t see much change in form factor, instead, opting for internal upgrades. This year is on track to do the same. Current part leaks, and there are many, indicate the device may be indistinguishable without cracking open the case.


Once inside, leaked shells indicate the device will have a more rigid exterior, certainly a response to the “bendgate” issues in 2015. Testing on leaked shells reveal levels of zinc, consistent with the 7000 Series aluminum alloy deployed for Apple Watch. Iron also showed up in high levels during analytical testing, adding more rigidity to the device.

Other internal changes potentially include a new Qualcomm chipset, WTR3925, as seen in part leaks. The chip will eliminate the previous need for two chips to perform the same function, which was the case in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


In the above image, the top logic board is from an alleged iPhone 6s, with a blow up in the bottom left. On the bottom right, an iPhone 6 logic board shows the two corresponding chipsets. Being able to reduce these into a single chip allows Apple to further its quest to make a thinner device, or have more room for other internals, like battery size.

A camera update is also potentially in store, with some rumors claiming it is the “biggest camera jump ever” with the inclusion of a dual lens system offering DSLR quality photos. A recent leak of camera lens rims appear to confirm the 6s will also have a protruding camera lens, despite last year’s frustrated consumer opinions.


KGI Security Analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, believes the new camera system will be 12-megapixel and other rumors possibly include 4K video recording as an option. To somewhat corroborate these claims, Apple recently purchased LinX Imaging, which had a specific background in mobile device cameras.

Hardware between the two devices is expected to be the same. The decision to upgrade will be based on the changes in year-over-year progress, price and size. Like last year, choosing between the smaller 4.7″ and 5.5″ will be the biggest decision for buyers, because a redesign is not a consideration. Small rumblings of a potential 4″ iPhone 6c are very quiet, but active. However, without any part leaks, that model is not currently being produced or being kept very specifically hidden from the supply chain.

With the vast number of product leaks, it is clear mass production is currently underway on 6s and 6s Plus and, presumably, on track for the traditional September launch. Make sure to follow new information as it is released up to September 9. Then, Apple will offer a live stream of the event for those interested in seeing the announcements live.

[source: macrumors]