The New Apple Handset May Not be Termed ‘iPhone 6’

August 19, 2014 •

iPhone 6 render

Amid a flurry of recent part leaks, which we highlighted on Monday, the iPhone 6 is certainly rushing to market. An estimated, yet confirmed rumor, pegs September 9 as the media event date for Apple’s newest announcement and speculates a September 19 product launch for “iPhone 6,” with emphasis on the quotes.

In a recent information leak, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) of Thailand announced Apple has two new devices A1586 and A1524 approved for launch and usage on the nation’s wireless systems. Taking to Twitter, NBTC secretary Takron Tantasith stated the “iPhone 6” is now approved for usage. The key issue with these two announcements surrounds Tantasith’s assumption that the A1586 and A1524 are “iPhone 6” models.

According to a translated conversation, Apple South Asia met with NBTC to clear up some of the concerns from the “leak.” NBTC states, the simple fact that Apple will have two new devices on the network is harmless, considering no specific information was divulged. Apple, in considerable disagreement, scolded NBTC for providing any information to the general public and then stated the two new models releasing in the coming months, may not even be termed “iPhone 6.”

Going back to the leaked part article from Monday, there is a speculation included that iPhone 6 may not go by that particular title, based on the newer designs. The NBTC conversation may shed some light on new possibilities. Other naming conventions for the upcoming iPhone model, could follow suit with other Apple product lines. If, and it is a big ‘if,’ Apple releases both a 4.7″ and 5.5″ version, the naming may take after the “Air” and “Pro” mantras, respectively.


Take a moment to pause on the 5.5″ model. The recent part leaks, which have only increased over the past few weeks, are only 4.7″ variations. This leads some armchair analysts to begin questioning the validity of a 5.5″ model. There are a few reasons these parts may not be leaking. First, there is a chance that Apple is utilizing its new American plants to produce the newest and most high-end flagship device. There is a potential for supply chain leaks to be intensely prevented stateside. Alternatively, several reports argue the 5.5″ version is going into mass production at a later date. Finally, there may not actually be a 5.5″ version.

If there is no 5.5″ version, then what can speculators make of the A1586 and A1524 model numbers from NBTC? Maybe there will be another upgraded model of iPhone 5c.

Thursday, August 14, Pegatron, long time manufacturer of Apple devices, confirms that it received a 50% order for the 4.7″ variation. According to DigiTimes, this size order allegedly represents a 25 million unit production. Typically, Apple splits supply orders between Pegatron and Foxconn Electronics, which was originally expected to receive all 5.5″ version orders. However, nothing solid has been determined about the 5.5″ phone, especially official order numbers.

To offer one more point of potential clarification, the Wall Street Journal came out with a report regarding Apple’s use of Sapphire displays in the new devices. In the report, WSJ claims Apple is only considering Sapphire screens “in more-expensive models of the two new, larger iPhones.” When the WSJ weighs-in, there is a lot of stock that can be placed in their information. In the statement, it is clear Apple will be releasing two devices, according to the Journal. This does squash a bit of speculation about a singular 4.7″ version, but only time will dictate the true answer.

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