iPhone 5c and 5s Car Phone Mounts

October 1, 2013 •

iPhone 5c holders are here! You can now pre-order your 5c iPhone car mount.

iPhone 5c Charging Car Mount

iPhone 5c Holders
We have three holders for iPhone 5c used without a case: standard tilt swivel, charging with USB cigarette lighter plug and charging with straight power cord for fixed installation.

We also have a variety of adjustable holders for iPhone 5c used with a case, both charging and non-charging. All of our adjustable holders list their compatibility based on the dimensions of the case. Make sure to measure your phone with the case to determine which size adjustable holder will work best for your particular style case.

iPhone 5s Holders
The dimensions of iPhone 5s are the same as the iPhone 5. Because of this, all of our current iPhone 5 holders are also compatible as iPhone 5s holders.

We have tested the official Apple leather case for 5s with our adjustable holders and found that it fits best in our adjustable holders for Small to Medium cases.

More iPhone 5c and 5s Holders for Specific Cases
As other companies develop new cases for iPhone 5c, we may develop specific holders for the popular case styles, depending on demand. Currently, we offer specific iPhone 5/5s holders for OtterBox Defender, Griffin Survivor and Lifeproof Fre.