iPhone 5 Holder Options

September 28, 2012 •

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iPhone 5 Charging Holder for Cable Attachment Coming
We will be releasing a holder for Cable Attachment within the next two weeks, part number 514423. This holder will allow customers to use/adapt their current lightning cable to our holder to make it a charging option in the vehicle. We should have pictures of the new Cable Attachment holder this coming Wednesday October 3rd. Pre-ordering may begin on Friday October 5th.

iPhone 5 Charging Holders with Lightning Adapter
Due to the change in the type of connector used (Lightning Adapter) in the iPhone 5, it is currently too early to have any details on when the new connector will be available to us, or what options for powered holders we will have available. We will be trying to source the Apple 30 pin to lightning adapter once it is available in October, but as of now, we do not know if we can purchase directly from Apple in bulk or from a potential 3rd party approved manufacture.

We Will Keep You Posted
As we receive new information we will pass it on via our Facebook page and blog (right here!).