IonVR Set to Debut Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone this Fall

March 14, 2016 •

IonVR Set to Debut Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone this Fall
More companies seem to be getting involved in virtual reality every day now. With the iPhone serving as a portable computer that fits in your pocket, this device is attractive to companies that want to bring VR to the masses.

A case in point: a technology company called IonVR in Idaho is preparing to launch a VR headset to work with the iPhone by this fall. The news came out after the investor company Piper Jaffray conducted VR panels with 13 participating companies. Of those, IonVR was the only one prepared to indicate when its product would become available.

Technology Behind IonVR

The team at IonVR has built a new optics system that it refers to as “MotionSync,” according to a recent article at AppleInsider. MotionSync is designed to dramatically reduce feelings of motion sickness when people enter virtual worlds. Problems occur when the things people see through their VR goggles don’t match with the motions they make with their head. Motion blur is another issue that can cause people to feel queasy in VR.

Another noteworthy feature of the IonVR headset is that it contains integrated components that will take over some of the VR processing duties from the iPhone. This approach is supposed to lengthen battery life as well as simplify the process of developing the IonVR software.

IonVR is being built in a modular fashion, meaning that it will be easier to swap out older components when a new, improved version becomes available. You won’t have to throw out the device when it’s time to upgrade.

Facts About IonVR

If you’re interested in experiencing virtual reality and are a fan of Apple products, IonVR may be the VR device you’ve been waiting for. Here are some facts about IonVR:

  • The IonVR headset is designed for iOS and Android phones with screens ranging from 4.5” to 6”
  • Patented MotionSync Technology reduces motion blur (which can cause nausea)
  • Applications for VR include real estate listings, medical training and immersive entertainment
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries and provides 300 hours of continuous use on one charge
  • Smartphones used with IonVR must have a built-in accelerometer (the iPhone does have an accelerometer)
  • Available for pre-order at $229

Any iPhone user who is anxious to explore virtual reality will be eagerly awaiting the release of the IonVR headset later this year. If the MotionSync technology works as advertised, it could open up the experience to masses of people. Stay tuned to this blog for the latest news on IonVR.