The iOauto System

September 18, 2013 •

iOauto System



We recently started a partnership with iOmounts to create a new car mounting solution that combines iOmounts and ProClip USA products.

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How iOauto Works
The iOauto combines a magnetic core with a vehicle-specific mounting base.

  1. Attach a razor-thin iOadapt to your phone, tablet or case.
  2. Magnetically mount your device to the iOmounts core.
  3. Install the setup in your car by attaching the iOauto to your vehicle-specific ProClip mount.

iOauto How It Works

Where to Attach the iOadapt
The iOadapt disc can be attached to phones, tablets and GPS navigation devices. The disc can be attached to the back of the device itself or to a case. It’s so small you won’t even notice it’s there.

What ProClip Mountings Bases Will Work
The iOauto Kits currently available are for ProClip dashboard mounts or suction cup mounts. Kits will soon be available for handlebar mounts that can be used on motorcycles or bicycles.

iOmounts CoresThe iOauto vs. The iOauto Pro
The difference between iOauto and iOauto Pro is in the mounting core. Both will allow you to rotate your phone or tablet from portrait to landscape. However, the iOauto Pro will also allow you to angle the phone or tablet side-to-side.

What About the Magnets?
Don’t worry. The magnets won’t harm your phone or tablet. Plus, there are no magnets in the actual iOadapt disc that attaches to your device.

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