An Inside Look at iOauto

October 4, 2013 •

Have you heard about our new iOauto System? We recently teamed up with iOmounts to release the iOauto, a new universal car mount that combines the iOmounts magnetic core with the ProClip vehicle-specific dashboard mount.


Powered by iOmounts

There are two types of cores available in the iOauto System, the iOauto and the iOauto Pro. Let’s take a closer look at the iOauto.

iOadapt Disc and CoreHow iOauto Works
Attach a razor-thin iOadapt steel disc (shown on the right) to your phone, tablet or GPS device. From there, you can magnetically mount your device to an iOmounts core, whether that is:

  • iOmini (table stand for phones and small tablets)
  • iOstand (table stand for larger tablets)
  • iOwall (wall mounts)
  • Or, of course, the iOauto

iOauto Installed



Attach the iOauto core to your ProClip dashboard mount and you have a universal mount easily installed in your car.


iOauto Remove Phone


Easily Grab Your Phone and Go
When you’re ready to get out of the car, just pull your phone off the iOauto and the magnet will easily release. Plus, the iOadapt disc is compatible with all iOmounts cores, so you can move your phone from your iOauto in the car to your iOstand at the office to your iOwall at home!

iOauto Rotation


Infinite Rotation
The iOauto is a Direct Core that allows for 360 degree rotation. This allows you to view your phone in both portrait and landscape.



Device and Case Compatibility
The iOauto is a simple system that is compatible with just about any phone, small tablet or GPS navigation device. You can attach the iOadapt disc to any case, cover, skin or bumper you use with your device. Pictured below is the iOadapt attached to the back of a phone (left) and to a case (right).

iOadapt with No CaseiOadapt Case






How to Buy
If you already have a ProClip vehicle mount, you can purchase the iOauto Magnetic Mount on our website. You can shop for the complete iOauto System on