HTC One Car Phone Holders

May 9, 2013 •

HTC’s newest phone may be their best phone ever, and arguably one of the best Android phones available right now.

We’ve just launched new phone holders for the HTC One.

HTC One Phone Holders
Ready to mount your new HTC One? We have an HTC One phone holder with tilt swivel, our most popular holder type, as well as three charging holders. You can choose a holder that charges with a cigarette lighter plug, a USB cigarette lighter plug or a hard wire installation into the dashboard of your car.

The hard wire installation is generally chosen by those who prefer to keep a clean interior and hide all extra wires. However, the cigarette lighter charging holders tend to be our most popular holders of the charging variety because they are so easy to use and move between cars.

HTC One HolderHTC One Cigarette Adapter HolderHTC One USB Cigarette Adapter HolderHTC One Charging Holder

HTC One Phones with Cases
Use a case? No problem. All of the previously mentioned HTC One holders are made to fit exactly to the dimensions of the HTC One, which means once you add a case, even the thinnest of skins, your phone likely won’t fit in the holder.

If you are one to use a case, you’ll want to grab one of our adjustable HTC One holders so you can make a onetime adjustment of the holder to fit your case. For the HTC One, we recommend our medium universal adjustable holder, which is best for phones that use medium sized cases. To be sure which adjustable holder you’ll need, just check the dimensions of the case with the dimensions of our holders.