How to Use iMessage Sticker Packs on iPhone or iPad

October 17, 2016 •


With the release of Apple’s newest mobile software iOS 10, the iPhone and iPad are now much more capable and interactive devices. Particularly, Apple spent a lot of time enhancing iMessage, which is the proprietary text messaging platform that allows two iOS devices to interact. In addition to animations, sharing music tracks, and other iMessage app extensions, the iMessage sticker packs are becoming a popular way to engage with your friends and family.

Following the next few steps, you too can send stickers to impress your friends. Before you can access the sticker packs, you will need to ensure your device is upgraded to iOS 10. You can easily check this by going to the Settings App, then tapping General, then Software Update. If you are not yet updated, make sure to back up your iPhone before upgrading.

Adding sticker packs to iMessage

Using sticker packs is fun and simple! You can enhance your conversation, or let a picture say 1,000 words. There are many options in the App Store for download, for free or for pay, depending on the developers. Premium stickers with business or affiliations are typically $.99 or $1.99, but prices are clearly labeled.

Step 1: open the iMessages app.


Step 2: tap the arrow above the keyboard.


Step 3: tap the App Store icon, (which shows the stickers and iMessage apps that are already installed), then tap the 2×2 grid in the bottom left corner.


Step 4: tap the + Store icon


Step 5: choose an icon pack!  or…


Step 6tap “Manage” and you can turn on sticker packs that are now, sometimes, included with standard apps from your iPhone.

Now that your sticker packs are installed, you simply repeat the first steps to access them:

Step 1: open the iMessage app

Step 2: tap the arrow above the keyboard

Step 3tap the App Store icon and then select your sticker!

You can simply tap the desired sticker and it will load into the text field, then send it like any other text. Alternately, you can tap and hold the sticker, and you will see it pop up, then drag it into the conversation thread. You can place the sticker anywhere in the thread, including over text. After tap-holding the sticker, you can also use a second finger to pinch zoom in-or-out, as well as rotating the sticker before placement.

Enjoy your new way to communicate! Be on the look out for some sticker packs that even include moving stickers and animations.