How to: Google Chrome for Android Phones

May 4, 2015 •


Most of us are at a point where we use our Android phones as much, or more, than we use our PCs. In light of that, Google’s quietly added a couple of features to their Chrome browser that make it easier than ever to use the two devices together. If you have the latest version of Android on your phone with Google Now enabled, you can now take advantage of the following perks from the Google Chrome browser on your PC:

Send Directions to Your Phone
Instead of jumping through awkward hoops in Google Maps, you can use the trigger phrase “send directions” in your Chrome browser to send a route to your Android phone. This way, you can map your course on your PC’s larger screen, and when you are ready to leave, just pop your Android into your car phone mount and go.

Find My Phone
Enter the phrase “find my phone”  into Chrome, and the browser will use GPS capabilities to report back with your phone’s most recently known location.

Set Alarms and Reminders
No need to pick up your phone to set tomorrow’s alarm. Before shutting down your PC for the night, simply type, “set an alarm” in the Chrome browser, and you’ll receive a dialog to set your desired time to wake up. You can also type, “set a reminder” to send yourself notifications for appointments, meetings or other items on your to-do list.

Note to Self
Enter “note to self” into Chrome, and you will get a card to send yourself simple notes on your Android phone. The note will be there waiting for you on the notifications shade of your Android screen. “Pick up milk” has never been easier!