Gratus App Creates Notifications to Remind You About Things You Are Grateful For

September 1, 2017 •

Gratus App

When was the last time you paused to reflect on all the good things in your life? People sometimes get so caught up in their hectic day-to-day chores that they forget about what they are most thankful for. However, taking note about whatever you are grateful for can improve your mood and lead to a happier life.

To help give people a more positive outlook, app developer Francisco Franco has created Gratus for Android devices, which is billed as “promoting good vibes and positivity.” Gratus is designed to periodically generate notifications on your device to help you keep top of mind the people and things that you are thankful for.

How The Gratus App Works

After you install and launch Gratus, you will be greeted with a screen that invites you to make a note about whatever you are feeling grateful about at the moment. You can augment your note with a photo and if there are friends in the image that you are grateful for knowing, you can tag them in the app as well, noted a report from Android Authority.

Saving these images in your feed will enable anyone you tagged to see that you are thankful for them. Once you type in information about things and people, the app will start reminding you about them as notifications.

Developer Franco noted in the app description that he is thankful for his sister and his girlfriend. You can get started with your own Gratus notifications by downloading the free app from the Google Play store. Upgrading with an in-app purchase to the premium version of Gratus gives you the added ability to display the gratitude notes in your device’s notification panel. Upgrading also lets you activate a feature for daily reminders and use a passcode or your fingerprint to prevent unauthorized people from checking out the details about what you are thankful for.

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